DIY: A Winter Afternoon

On a bitter cold day with no set plans, there’s nothing more relaxing than crafting my afternoon away.

A set of wooden beads – different shapes and sizes, a spool of colored leathered and some acrylic paint is all that’s needed for this DIY necklace, adding a pop of color for fun or keeping more neutral tones for an everyday kind of look.

The best part of the leather is being able to knot it at the ends and un-knot it so easily, allowing you to choose how you want to wear it length wise and also mix-matching the beads, creating a new piece each time. Grab a tiny paintbrush and design something for you and your loved ones especially to brighten up these gloomy Winter days. A great project for kids too!

*** Update: You are now able to purchase some necklaces off my Etsy I made up this weekend, check out the link! ***


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