The Root of Inspiration

Everyone has a collection of things that fuel their creativity and bring their soul to a comforting, lighter place. These outlets are incredibly important to my inner well-being and allow my ideas to grow bigger and bigger. I think it’s important to take a step back and realize how you got to where you are and where your roots lay.

God’s Great Earth


Whether it be the ocean, mountains or desert, the beauty and diversity of our outdoor world is something quite extraordinary. I cannot fully explain the depth of my love while in the presence of such beautiful sights but I can assure you my soul, filled with delight, sways to the crash of the waves. Side note: In my personal opinion sunrises are one of the Lord’s most beautiful creations.

Coffee, Beautiful Light and Everything inBetween 


Tucked in the corner of Fuego Coffee Roasters one bright afternoon, it’s incredible what kind of peace and inspiration can find you in a natural lit room with an almond milk cappuccino in hand. Cozying up in coffee shops with a journal to doodle in has always been a specialty of mine.

Flowers, flowers and more flowers

The natural beauty of flowers on this list is not a shock I’m sure but the aroma and the rich colors and the way they make a moment special and bring life to a room … their elegance alone is inspiring enough.

Groovin’ Music 

Wild Nothing / Life of Pause


DIIV / Is the Is Are

Of course music has carried so much of my inspiration and creative drive for as long as I’ve been alive, but as of this year with beloved artists releasing new albums – I had to mention some new releases that make me want to create a beautiful drawing and dance around nonstop simultaneously.

Color Theory, Fashion and Color Theory in Fashion


An eye catching color palette has the power to speak multitudes especially when it comes to bold statement pieces. This unique collection by designer J Moon is a great inspiration not only with the use of color but the modern yet classic vibe these pairings exhibit.

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