Springtime Love

“Love is wild; its whole beauty is in its wildness. It comes like a breeze in great fragrance, fills your heart, and suddenly where there was a desert there is a garden full of flowers.” • Osho
“The more I love, the more flowers bloom in my heart.” • Debasish Mridha

Spring has always been the most moving season to me – it embodies themes like perseverance, growth, new beginnings … what could be more inspiring? Tulips, daffodils and hyacinths galore and I couldn’t feel more alive with their glorious pops of color. Hand in hand, it truly is a beautiful thing to stroll through your favorite park full of blossoms with the love of your life.

This season so far has been filled with record store trips, plant shopping, frisbee tossing, Fleetwood Mac, lots of chai lattes and breakfast dates. In the midst of busy schedules and hectic work days happiness continues bloomin’ everyday in every way.

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