The Lamberton Conservatory: Day Date Edition

Our morning started off with breakfast at the Frog Pond, coffee at Fuego (specifically cortados and pour overs) and starting the Netflix series Stranger Things. With the heavy rain, Ryan and I decided to head to the Conservatory, where I’ve been a hundred times but there’s something about going on a dreary Summer afternoon surrounded by all different hues of greenery.

Oversized cacti and quail wandering the pathways – this greenhouse has always been a place of beauty and comfort, in a constant state of growing and continually thriving in its glory.

No matter how many times I walk around these rooms, they always speak to me. What a pleasure it is to be spending the day with the love of my life on a Monday afternoon with such effortless beauty surrounding us – sharing dreams and laughs and fears and of course, our love of plants. I encourage everyone to spend a day or even an hour off in a place that gives your heart and mind peace and quiet.

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