Blue Jeans + Baby Heels

Mustard yellow is ruling my wardrobe as always this season as we approach some of the roughest weather here in Upstate New York.

My forest green bandana, groovy high waisted culottes, Common Muse Co. circular post gold earrings, oversized fur jacket, self cut thrifted Levi’s, red suede block heels, crochet bag with wooden handles, yellow suede choker; some of my favorite featured pieces this season.

Every year I feel like I become more ambitious and strive to dress out of my comfort zone. Moving away towards styles I get stuck on, for example, skinny jeans and expressing myself better and better (while staying warm, of course!)
Discovering what works for me and my body type has brought me to a level of confidence I never in my life thought I could reach despite insecurities I’ve always carried. I urge everyone to wear things that you’ve always admired or wanted to wear that you never thought you could pull off. There are no rules when it comes to self expression and it’s never too late to try something new, see where it takes you and the joy it may bring along the way.

My next conquest: an obnoxious 70’s inspired jumpsuit.

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