24hr. Pre-Honeymoon: Toronto, Ontario

Post wedding fun, Ryan and I decided to take a quick trip to Toronto seeing that is only 3.5 hours from our new apartment and our real honeymoon isn’t until June! We booked an Air b&b and headed on the road to make it in time to grab dinner and a drink.

Our Air b&b was a cozy studio on the top sixth floor of a downtown Toronto complex with an incredible private balcony. With no kitchen and a tiny bathroom – this was definitely the perfect one-night spot to stay. To our delight, the sun peeked out just in time for sundown, and the colors reflecting on all the buildings was pure magic. Once darkness fell, it truly felt like a whole other world we were peering out into.

We had a few places on our list to check out, like Oretta, the sleek classy mid century modern Italian spot, Early Bird Espresso & Brew Bar (best Kenya pour over I’ve ever had) as well as Sorry Coffee Co. (incredible almond milk cappucino) – which all were memorable stops! Despite the insane traffic, crazy drivers and having no access to internet for directions, our first married couple venture was a success. (and extra bonus, we didn’t even get lost) !

Until next time…

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