Colors of Summer livin’

It’s been a dreamy Summer so far but one of my greatest joys is spending it with my love, our plants and the home we’ve built together.

One of my activities to do is cook with my husband! We’ve been doing our best to keep a majority of our grocery shopping to just fruits n’ veggies and healthy snackin’. Some our favorite meals to make include veggie tacos, zucchini boats, pasta with shrimp n’ asparagus and roasted kale scramble. We’ve also been trying to cut back on sweets and go running more especially living right downtown (which is easier said than done) but it’s helpful to motivate one another.

While decorating our place we haven’t really been following a set color scheme, more so filling it with all different colors we love the most and following that mid-century modern feel. Our favorite new purchases are the set of mustard yellow pillows for our bedroom and our new modern wooden clock from the local antique shop, Abode. Our new patterned coffee table from West Elm and simple rug & colorblock print from Urban Outfitters has allowed our living room to feel more complete.

We aren’t sure how long we’ll be here in this apartment or even this city, but I’m honored to build such a comfortable loving space in my first year of marriage.

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