Ithaca Getaway

For our three month wedding anniversary (me using any excuse to justify going somewhere new) we decided to do a one night stay in Ithaca, NY at Firelight Camps aka ‘glamping’.

About a two hour drive from Rochester, we began our day there with a hike by the lake in Buttermilk Falls State Park – filled with so much greenery and wild shrubs n’ flowers.
After being in the sun and needing some serious fuel, we headed to Press Cafe downtown to get some cold brew. A simple, sleek and just plain cool espresso bar. From there we walked the neighborhood and found the coolest shop mixed with new and vintage styles, Petrune. I found a matte pink clasped bag in great condition for a great price and Ryan found a flannel. Would highly recommend!

Checking into our tent, the campsite is truly ideal. There is a beautifully clean bath house, open concept yoga studio, hammocks hangin’ for anyone to claim and relax in, a bed of wildflowers and an open reception tent with Led Zepplin playin’, a free wine tasting hour and open fire pit.

We stayed in tent #3 with a king size bed and our tent being the one right next to the trail that leads into Buttermilk Falls State Park, we took a lil’ afternoon stroll. Every tent offers high quality thermal blankets and lanterns (that of course, have chargers for your phones built in). Did I mention free WiFi that actually works? The luxury is overwhelming.

We played a couple board games in the reception tent and hung by the fire until we went downtown again for dinner (only a ten minute drive). We opted for this Hawaii fusion spot called Pokeland Hawaii Poke Bowl. Pretty much a build your own assembly line with fresh ingredients such as protein like shrimp, octopus, salmon, etc., fresh toppings like kale, mango, onions, etc… making each experience unique. It seems like a popular to-go spot but the staff was super enjoyable and though small, the space was clean / minimal.

After dinner we headed back with some Embark Ciders n’ some snacks to kick it on our porch during sunset. We listened to Kevin Morby and Kurt Vile, watching the colors change against the trees.

In the morning, we woke up to catch the complimentary breakfast – which consisted of a lot of organic local options. We enjoyed that and headed to Gimme! Coffee on our drive back to ROC.

If you’re ever in the area and looking for a unique and memorable spot to stay, Firelight Camps is just that! Now time to grocery shop, clean and get ready for the Bachelorette season finale…

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