Flower Power

I don’t know what it is exactly about a bundle of fresh flowers in our apartment, but the way it brightens up every room is beyond powerful. Now we’re just waiting to be able to open up the windows and let that fresh breeze in.

This afternoon I picked up some single stems from ‘Arena’s’ down the street; ranunculus, tulips and snapdragons of all colors to really ring in that Spring weather we’re all anxious for. My favorite part at the florist is hand picking each flower myself – creating my very own color palette and pairing it with either a simple or color popping vase. I tend to respect the rule of three to balance variety but today was an impulsive lighthearted trip.

Leaning towards baby / bright pinks, soft yellows and muted orange to pair well with lace white tops, fun stripes and light washed jeans otherwise known as my transitional Spring wardrobe. Along with that, lately I’ve been carrying around a lightweight canvas bag for my current reading project (at least 50 books this year, send me your suggestions!)

(also… loving my new mejuri gold earrings to make any simple outfit look chic).



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