Coastal Livin’ / Portland, ME

For the past month & a half Ryan and I have been planning, pursuing and praying for this next exciting chapter in our lives, relocating to the beautiful coastal city Portland, Maine early this Fall.

Rochester has been the city that’s always guided us back to each other. Long distance dating, Ryan relocating 2.5 years ago from Ohio, getting engaged, marrying and building our first home together all in the same space. It’s allowed us to become who we are today and have blossoming relationships with the lovely people inhabiting this city, old and new. It’s allowed us to pinpoint our ambitions and dreams, ready to carry them out into our next season of life. We’ll forever be indebted to Rochester, for extending its arms out to us and wrapping us in it’s genuine care.

On our honeymoon journey in late Spring of last year, Portland had always stood out to us. Since then, the food/drink/coffee scene has continued to bloom and our eagerness to immerse ourselves in these areas is quite overwhelming. With what first started out as a wild idea has now become a definite reality. I feel incredibly fortunate for our loved ones, cheering us along and confirming what we’ve felt deep down for some time now, this is where we’re supposed to be and the time is now.

We’ve felt our loved ones’ prayers surrounding us as we visited this past weekend, both landing positions at wildly beautiful spots in the city and seeing our new apartment. I’m still pinching myself that we’ll be living in a city right beside the ocean.

September can’t come soon enough.

2 thoughts on “Coastal Livin’ / Portland, ME

  1. Hey Paige, I am going to miss that smile slinging my cappuccinos to go over our brief but great conversations. I wish you and Ryan the best on this next chapter and should the family and I head to Maine maybe our paths will cross again. – Anthony


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