New City, Favorite Season

After a very busy, exciting and stressful move to our new city of Portland, Maine the weather has finally cooled down a bit after a very humid season. Despite how long Winters can be drawn out I’m always looking forward to wearing my favorite jackets, boots and wool berets once again.


This season I’m focusing on recreating my current wardrobe rather than spending money on new pieces I don’t necessarily even need. Especially with being in a new city, I’d rather prioritize investing in experiencing new places with new friends and of course, eating all the amazing food in this booming culinary scene ( shout out to our favorites so far: Rose Foods, The Honey Paw, Eventide Oyster Co., Drifters Wife )

Diving back into my Autumn wardrobe I seem to rely heavily on one of my berets or my wide brim hat to complete a look whether its a solid colored top paired with my light washed Levis or black overalls. I tend to gravitate towards neck scarves (especially in the cooler months) so I’m loving the subtle nod to the revived leopard print trend.

Before moving, Ryan and I ditched my car so now we’re down to sharing one vehicle but its made experiencing our new city that much more interactive, with one of us either walking or biking to work. A light jacket can make or break the outfit as well as the practicality of the commute. I’ve been attached to my classic black leather jacket as well as my thrifted Pendleton flannel blazer – which has that perfect fall color combo.

Portland has some incredible secondhand and vintage clothing shops so I’m excited to dive in and find some new gems to head into the thick of Fall with – hopefully I’ll find the perfect denim jumpsuit I’ve been dreaming about for way too long.

If you’re from the area, let’s be friends and grab a glass of wine or a coffee and enjoy the best season of the whole dang year : – )



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