Three Pieces

Recently, I retook the Enneagram test after not putting too much thought in my results a while back. This personality test is a model of the human psyche which is described and broken down by nine interconnected personality types. I am labeled as Type 4 – “The Individualist’.

These tests are sometimes hard to nail down solid results especially when you have to remember to answer honestly vs. how you’d like to think you’d answer ideally. Reading the results though, it was humbling and I truly identified with this type, the good and bad parts.

“(The Individualist) Wants to express themselves and their individuality, to create and surround themselves with beauty, to maintain certain moods and feelings, to withdraw to protect their self-image, to take care of emotional needs before attending to anything else…”

This had me thinking about my love for self expression through clothing and how I prioritize this, not in a vain way but more so as my outlet as one would paint, write music or dance – my personal outlet of vulnerability, showing who I am.

This expression can obviously be exhausting though in this digital age of comparison which we’re all familiar with. It’s hard to keep up. Sometimes we feel run down by living up to these standards we’ve built for ourselves, I know I do.

Along with all these other feelings and with the wave of this fall’s popular 10×10 wardrobe challenge – it had me reflecting on priority pieces this time of year. Although I get way too bored and suffocated to ever commit to a capsule wardrobe, it’s nice to reflect on pieces that really embody my style right now. I feel as if I’m not alone when saying my style shifts constantly, but now as winter approaches ( ready for it to snow any day now… ) warm coats, hats and a pop of lip color will get me by.

Berets ! always.

I mean!!! if you know me this is kind of stating the obvious BUT they’re cozy, warm, a fun pop of color and make any outfit stand out in my opinion. And bonus, dirty hair encouraged. I truly believe berets look simultaneously silly n’ cute on anyone and everyone.

Warm but cute coat / long evergreen plaid addition.

I want to own this coat until I’m a little old lady because it’s very warm, feels like I’m wearing a cute sleeping bag and works with any pant / shoe combo. Highly recommend for a daily commuter living in the colder climates, also high key love that it isn’t form fitting

Crewnecks forever.

OK, so when I was in high school and even college I probably would have thought crewnecks / pullovers were way too boring and unoriginal for my taste (classic type 4, right?) but I have since then matured and gathered some common sense. Simple, soft and just an all around timeless piece. Great to wear to work while I make coffee all day and then fall asleep on the couch while watching Gilmore Girls, because a lot of times that’s life.

and side note, ya’ll won’t stop me raving about the new #ReNewtoday collection by Everlane. The golden brown Fleece Sweatshirt is so dang comfy, perfectly oversized and made from 35 recycled plastic bottles.

Writing about clothing has also allowed me to capsule how I’ve grown over even these last two years. It’s really enjoyable to see how much this way of self expression has molded into its own over time and how it will continue to do so! But for now, catch me in one of my six berets. Also never let me cut my hair short again 👋🏼

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