Yearly Reading Goal

All of my life I have found serenity and joy diving into an engaging read but truth be told, I’ve slacked a lot over the years. With limited free time I made reading less a priority, so this year I wanted to get myself back into the rhythm. I ambitiously dreamt of reading 50 books this year, but life moves insanely fast so I knocked it down to a more realistic 25. I happily read 26 books this year and I can’t wait to make this a yearly tradition, thinking this coming year will be a challenge of 30!

From cookbooks to short stories to art non-fiction to novels, I explored all different genres, which allowed me to figure out what keeps me coming back for more. I also started a lot of books I never finished but that’s all part of the process, right?

The Secrets of Living Colour by Kassie St. Claire was easily my top pick for this year’s reading challenge. It’s no secret I adore color theory but this book took it to new heights. There’s so much body packed into this book, it explores the history of each color, how it got to where it is now along with every colors association and importance, it opened up a new world for me. I left it on our coffee table for weeks because it’s a long detailed read that you can switch back and forth with a novel or short story, which is a nice bonus.

Anyone hesitant about staying focused reading I also found it super important to not pick up my phone at all in between chapters. It seems silly but once you get out of the groove of reading with any distraction it’s hard to jump back in, especially at the beginning of a book. But also! It’s supposed to be fun, so don’t beat yourself up! Also don’t be ashamed of whatever kind of books keep you interested either.

With Ryan being involved in the cooking scene I found I really enjoy cookbooks as well – especially those with personal stories like Matty Matheson A Cookbook. His recipes were straight forward yet inspiring and his honest heartfelt journey connected you to his passion and family. I also loved his ties to coastal seafood being from Nova Scotia – which has a ton of the same accessible food here in Maine.

If you’re interested in my full Goodreads list check it out here! If you don’t have the app I highly suggest it, it keeps you organized, connects you with friends and let’s you save books you want to read which is super helpful – especially browsing at the library. Also anyone and everyone send me your suggestions so I can keep reading forever and ever. 🌟

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