The Art of Thrifting

Ever since I was in middle school, for years continuing on, I would head to the flea market with my dad almost every weekend out of the Summer. At six in the morning, we would set up our set of tables filled with his vintage toys, antique books and obscure paintings. The goal was to do this as quick as possible so I could have my first walk around the market before it became crowded. Like many people, I’ve always felt connected to old beautiful pieces whether it be clothing, handbags, glassware, decor and so on. The mystery of its previous owners and how it ended up where it is now and how the cycle continues is so compelling. But mostly I love the hunt while at a thrift store, flea market, or vintage shop. I love feeling connected to a piece, like it was always supposed to belong with me.

I’ve been seriously thrifting my wardrobe since my sophomore year of high school, so of course my style has continuously changed time and time again. I was reflecting on my habits and rituals while I was in Goodwill the other week and I feel like I’m continuing to take steps as an ethical and thoughtful consumer. This can also be plugged into any form of consumerism!


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Stop projecting 

I mean?? We all do this! It’s so easy to get sucked into this fantasy of who you want to be with certain pieces, some of us can branch out yes but some of us are creatures of habit. We know our bodies the best and what suits them, what gives them confidence, strength and comfort. So maybe we won’t wear that athletic looking lilac raincoat no matter how well it fits and how much we tell ourselves we will when the time comes. Don’t buy on a whim if you aren’t connected to it.

Quality of material

While I’m thrifting, sensory is a big part of the process! Feeling materials and seeing how well its held together, checking all the buttons, stitching, free of stains (especially around the armpits) and so on. It’s easy to get attached to how something looks before checking if it’s even worth continuing on the investment. Of course, if you’re handy and can patch it up, please let the legacy live on!

Universal pieces

This is one I’m striving for every single time! The temptation of stripes or polka dots or a timeless floral print used to suck me right in but would make my wardrobe incredibly complicated to navigate. Nowadays, I keep in mind pairing especially with the amount of fun bottoms I have, keeping my tops more solid, simple and overall timeless. What’s the point if you can’t mix and match?

Thrifting is truly one of my most cherished hobbies, I’ve created and bonded with my father, my friends and strangers over found pieces and also building Ryan and I’s home surrounded by recycled knick-knacks, furniture, records and prints.  Never hoarding or over purchasing but carefully and thoughtfully adopting.



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