Mexico in February

I’ve never traveled somewhere warm in the Winter before so being beachside in Cancun, Mexico has been nothing short of therapeutic.

Ryan and I traveled here to spend time with his family by the ocean and see the city. I’ve never seen so many vibrant colors, kind locals and beautiful sunrises before in my life. Usually on trips we don’t take much time to relax (vs. constantly filling our time seeing stuff) but with little to no plans everyday it’s allowed us to soak every moment in deeply.

We’ll be soon returning to the gloomy Maine winter but until then, the taste of the sun has given me hope for Spring and soon after, the beautiful coastal Summer. Mornings at the beach, enjoying our coffee ( thanks to instant coffee from tandem coffee roasters!! ) and wine slowly and sweetly, basking in the beauty of this glorious earth. The seasonal depression has been long and treacherous this year but the clouds are beginning to clear. I can’t wait to explore more of this beautiful country again one day.

Ryan made this beautiful video of our trip, I can’t get over how talented he is at capturing small moments and stringing them together so effortlessly. ♥️ More night swimming in 2019, please!

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