On the Journey of Self Care

Self care isn’t a new hot button topic but walking out of a long somewhat depressing Winter I’m exploring that concept with what that means for me and my health.

I’ve always wanted to do a lot of simple things and this year I’ve decided my time is too precious on this earth to keep putting those things aside. I’ve begun reading more than I ever have since I was in high school, which is a simple yet rewarding goal. I’m only on book 8 out of my 40 book goal for 2019 but I’m also giving myself grace because I’m conquering it slowly but surely. I’ve also made going to the gym and working out for 1-2 hours most days as a part of my weekly routine. Being active has done wonders for my mental health as well as overall motivation and confidence. For my spiritual health, I’ve been pursuing more devotionals to stay in touch with Christ’s Word and carry it with me wherever I go. Especially diving into the book of Proverbs’ beautiful language of love and metaphors always moves me and draws me closer.

In the last couple years I’ve been introduced to the very big overwhelming world of skin care. I very fortunately didn’t have to tackle tough skin troubles in my younger years (which I completely understand is a luxury!) so I wasn’t really sure where to start. After testing out lots of different brands and products on my dry skin thanks to these six month long Winters, I’ve found some new favorites.

Asarai – Earth Tones ~ Face Mask

Peet Rivko – Gentle Cleanser

Myro – Plant-Powered Deodorant

Public Goods – Moisturizer

Glossier – Balm Dotcom

Catherine Rising – Upstate Salve


I’m excited to see where this journey of self-care continues to take me. I know lots of Vitamin D these upcoming seasons will help but I’m trying to take little strides every day until warm weather is a reality. Until then I’ll be listening to Kacey Musgraves and opening up the windows in our apartment any chance I can get.

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