Sézane Sunday

A beautiful Sunday afternoon mid- July and I’m happily living in my new Sézane ‘Odalie Dress’ – with a mid 60’s look and 100% natural materials, this piece is meant to last. The Persian brand is committed to becoming more and more sustainable with each coming year and lowering their environmental footprint. Their pieces have a timeless elegance making it easy to accessorize with – clogs, a basket bag and a hair scarf was all that was needed.

In the early afternoon Ryan and I ventured out for some local oysters and tinned fish from one of our favorite spots, The Shop . It was the perfect easy going outing with fresh delicious ingredients and sunshine. Even though the days are longer, I feel like these warmer months have been speeding by. These small quiet Summer moments have been my favorite so far since it’s all about sitting back, relaxing and enjoying our time together (and duh the food !! )

What are your favorite things to eat, drink and wear in the Summer months?

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