Stepping Towards Sustainability

In honor of last week’s Climate Strike, sustainability had been on my mind more than ever. In the past year I’ve taken small steps towards shrinking my carbon footprint that have now become daily habits. With all the important conversations happening around this topic right now, I wanted to share the steps I’ve taken as well as formulate my goals for the future. I’d love to hear your favorite tips and zero waste hacks!

Most importantly, the topic of privilege is important to mention! This is not a shame or guilt reflection because I’m very fortunate to be able to shift my lifestyle to be more mindful of sustainable living. So acknowledging every effort big or small is crucial. Also the trendy new items aren’t necessary to work towards a zero waste lifestyle. Your local thrift store has resuable bags that work just as well as those with cute prints or use old take out containers instead of pretty glassware. After all it’s not about the aesthetics, it’s about being less wasteful.

Commuting by foot to and from work everyday has been my favorite way to cut down my carbon footprint. Before moving to Maine, Ryan and I each had our own cars but since we’ve cut down to one last year- using the twenty minute walk to unwind and decompress before and after my shift. I’m able to get some exercise, listen to music and spend time outside – three of my favorite things!



Reusable cups, bags and bulk jars to bring to the store – just a few ways I’ve cut down single use plastic in my everyday routine. Another big shift has been my vow to only shop sustainable when purchasing new clothing. Though I am a big vintage lover and have been thrift shopping since high school, I love shopping for contemporary pieces as well. Being more mindful with my dollar has allowed me to cut fast fashion out and focus on pieces that are made to last. Partnering with brands and companies I admire such as EverlaneModern CitizenWool and the Gang, etc. has been a great honor.


Composting at home has been a new addition and one I am so excited about. If you’re in the Maine or Massachusetts area I highly recommend Garbage to Garden – a reliable and affordable way to reduce food waste at home! With this shift we’re finally able to use compostable dog waste bags and toss them right in.

There’s a long way to go, my big goal is primarily shopping at the farmers market as well as avoiding single use plastic packaging at the grocery store. Cutting down my meat intake to a couple times a week is also a goal of mine. What are your favorite ways to cut down waste? I’d love to hear your personal zero waste hacks, suggestions and goals! It’s been an enlightening journey to go down so far and I am excited to learn more.

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