The Power of Movement

It’s coming up on a year since I’ve joined the gym and I have enjoyed reflecting on how my mind, body and spirit have evolved. Growing up I wasn’t as much of an athlete, just more so wanted to be a part of a team and belong. Though I played field hockey and ultimate frisbee for a few years; I never felt fast, motivated or talented enough to pursue anything. Entering my early twenties I chalked it up as not being athletic and was completely out of touch with the power of movement thinking I didn’t need it.

Now a year later I cannot believe I went so many years without making this a priority in my life. Truthfully I started working out to up my physical confidence but really how I feel mind and spirit has taken precedence over anything else. A form of therapy, it allows me to push myself to new limits but at the same time unplug from everything else that may be going on. I feel more confident physically because I can run a mile without stopping or walking, when before that felt impossible! My hard work is now tangible and continues to push me to new heights.

Brands like Outdoor VoicesGirlfriend Collective and Nube are great for beginners like myself because they’re versatile, approachable and most importantly, ethically made. Picking out a crop top and leggings from these brands doesn’t feel intimating or off-limits to anyone. You could go for a run, hike or just wander around the farmer’s market and feel good about yourself.

What gym bag do I love and what’s in it?

The Nimbus tote by Caraa is the perfect waterproof puffer that doubles as a gym bag as well as a weekender duffel conveniently equipped with a built in phone charger for all things on the go. Inside I have some of my favorite OV leggings and sports bra, Sudio wireless headphones (use ‘vacillavi15’ for 15% off), my bright Everlane Tread Sneakers and my trusty waterbottle to make for the ideal workout.


Favorite pre-workout smoothie?

Kale, baby spinach, a ripe banana, oat milk, pistachios, turmeric, cinnamon, topped with chia seeds.

Top songs on my workout playlist?

    Phantogram – Don’t Move
    Tame Impala – New Person, Same Old Mistakes
    Solange – Almeda
    (Sandy) Alex G – Gretel
    On and On – Ghosts
    Liz Cooper & the Stampede – Dalai Lama
    Rosemary Fairweather – Good News
    SZA – Prom
    Dr. Dog – The Breeze
    Mikaela Davis – Other Lover
    Wild Nothing – Blue Wings
    Bombay Bicycle Club – Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You)


I would love to hear about your goals for moving your body this year and what inspires you to do so. ♥️

One thought on “The Power of Movement

  1. Thanks for the pre-workout smoothie recipe – I’ll have to try that! Similarly, I too wasn’t the most athletic person growing up, but I’ve been looking for ways to be more active and practically incorporate exercise into my life. Truth be told, it’s been really difficult for me to be motivated to workout regularly. I try to do yoga twice a week, and I really enjoy the Kait Hurley program. It’s affordable, you can do it from the comfort of your own home, and she does a great job of making people feel welcome rather than intimidated. As a freelancer, I don’t have the most consistent schedule, and I find that that can be a huge obstacle to getting in consistent exercise. But! I want to learn how to prioritize my physical health as well as the mental, emotional, and spiritual. I’m seeing more and more that they’re all connected in a way. Goodness, sorry for that longggg thought lol


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