Pockets of Joy

Reflecting on the past two weeks has been quite overwhelming and makes me feel a bit dizzy. In the wake of COVID-19, both Ryan and I have lost our service industry jobs and have had to adapt to our new “routine”, for however long. Along with the other 3 million Americans unemployed right now, things feel out of focus and quite uncertain. I acknowledge our privilege of a warm home, food in our fridge and the company of each other more than anything. I’m constantly thinking of those who are sick, have lost a loved one, those battling depression or addiction, the homeless, those in abusive homes, the list goes on… truthfully it’s hard to be on our own islands navigating this new reality.

Every news article, ad and Instagram promotion has this pandemic center stage and it’s hard to not have it in mind one way to another. Though the gravity of it does weigh heavy, I’ve been finding solace in leaning into my own pockets of joy.

  • The sunshine, fresh air, endorphins and my love. Within the safe and smart perimeters, being outside for some part of the day is crucial for my mental health. I’ve found comfort in going for a run around our neighborhood every morning just to set myself up with some sort of routine as well as get my body moving. Thankful for our pup Turnip who keeps us moving, grooving and well cuddled. All of this remains more fun too with my honey by my side, who keeps me laughing and full of love. Side note, the flowers just need to start blooming already you know?

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  • Cooking, Baking and lots of Coffee. Though Ryan is usually the head chef in our home I’ve been pushing myself to think outside the box in the kitchen. Experimenting with dishes I’ve always wanted to make has been a motivator, learning how gratified and proud I can feel as a result is inspiring and keeps me moving. Also drinking endless amounts of coffee from my work space that I miss dearly, Bard Coffee.

My friends and neighborhood coffee shop Tandem Coffee are offering up their famous Buttermilk Biscuit Recipe for a donation to their staff during these wild times and let me tell you, it’s so worth it!


  • Prayer & my 2020 reading goal. Opening up my Bible has been more than helpful (as always) to help center my mindset and anxieties through the unknown. The comfort of Scripture is truly unlike anything else to me! Reading this year in general has been easy to put on the back burner but now with the free time ahead of me my 28 book goal doesn’t seem too out of reach … only if Animal Crossing doesn’t keep distracting me 🙂


  • Skincare & lounge wear. These are certainty not necessities and everyone’s form of self-care looks, feels and sounds different. My favorite way to unwind, especially right in the morning or before bed is to brush my hair, do my skincare routine and put something on that makes me feel and look happy. I have been quite dependent on Glossier’s FuturedewPriming Moisturizer and Bubblewrap through this routine as well as Everyday Oil: Mainstay Blend and Wary Meyer’s CBD Lip Balm to set me up for success.

I’ve found comfort in pieces by ARQ (like this dreamy Spring/Summer collection color, ‘Sky’) as well as my Azure Curve Set by Brook There. These pieces come from small businesses (which we all know need the most love these days) and make me feel at home in my skin.


Wherever you find solace through this season of uncertainty, embrace it. Call up your friends and family to tell them you love them, indulge in a hobby you’ve always wanted to try or just plain n’ simple – take care of yourself, whatever that means to you! There shouldn’t be any pressure on success or creating something valuable during this time, just be kind to yourself and others (especially those on the front lines). x

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