Home Cooking x Our Place

As a long time admirer of Our Place, I was grateful to collaborate with them and their beautiful Always Pan in Spice to show off some dishes Ryan and I have been cooking lately in these days of social distancing. Cooking is one of our all time favorite ways to spend time together, so this new beautiful skillet gave us an opportunity to perfect some of our heavily rotated recipes.


As we all know the hardest part about preparing a meal is coming up with an idea you’re both in the mood for. (why is this practically impossible??) Anyways, Ryan and I have found a nice balance in our strengths and weaknesses – I tend to come up with the idea and he follows through with the execution. To start I focus on a base ingredient, whether it be a protein, vegetable or grain and search it in our stack of cookbooks or on BonAppétit. This gives us a jumping point and we then decide if it’s doable based on what ingredients we have and if there are appropriate substitutions. Throughout the past month we’ve made plenty of tacos, soup, pasta, stir fry, etc. but here are some of our most memorable with the Always Pan. 

Soft Scrambled with Cured Salmon 


Up until now, Ryan and I have been on opposite work schedules so sharing breakfast was a big way to spend time together and we’ve come to admit we could absolutely eat salmon everyday for breakfast. Whether it be with eggs or lox bagels, they’re just so … good. The way the creaminess of a soft scrambled topped with chives or green onion pairs with the texture of the salmon on a nice crispy piece of toast, it’s truly my favorite way to start the day!

Coconut Shrimp Curry


This is newer addition to our rotation of favorite meals but there’s so much flavor in this – lots of curry, jalapeños and red pepper flakes (!)  but the texture of the Shrimp paired with rice packed with all that flavor – can’t wait to make this one a week a little differently to experiment each time.

Pasta with Scallops & Mushrooms


Passsstttaaaaa always. First off – making your own sauce is key! We diced up the scallops for even distribution and packed it so many herbs and roasted mushrooms to have us keep coming back for more.

One thing I really enjoy about cooking is you’re never finished learning what works well together in a dish or the pacing of preparing each ingredient. What we discovered using this pan is it’s so much more than aesthetically pleasing cookware! It’s non-stick, easy to clean, heats quickly and evenly and includes a steamer basket as well as a spatula and a designated space to rest it. It’s changed our cooking game and I cannot wait to take it to the next level. ♥

* No recipes are included since these were done with our basic knowledge of preparation and what we had on hand! *


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